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What is the success rate of the male fertility treatment programme?
The latest statistics show the Male Fertility Clinic in Harley Street has a success rate of 80% i.e. Either one or all three of the sperm paramters improve in 8 out of 10

How long is the treatment programme?
The Male Fertility Clinic in Harley Street has a policy of seeing patients for up to a mximum of 6 months as significant improvements should come about within that time span.

Can the Clinic help women as well?
The Male Fertility Clinic is part of the TCM Fertility Clinic based in Harley Street. We treat females as well as male since our inception in 2000. We have a good track record in helping women with unexplained infertility, PCOS, Endometriosis, symptoms of early menopause or irregular period due to hormonal imbalances to name but a few. The success rate for the female side is about 45%.

What does the treatment programme consist of?
The treatment programme usually consists of herbs prescribed for a certain number of days in a month. During the treatment programme and on the days you should be taking herbs, you will need to do so twice a day. Consultation is usually once a month in order to ensure herbs prescribed are tailored made each month.

You may also be given a course of acupuncture. If this is the case, you are usually not required to take herbal medicine. You will be asked to come once a week as acupuncture works on the energy channels. This needs to be kept up in order not to lose the momentum.

Although you probably would have heard a lot more about acupuncture than herbal meeicine, acupuncture is not nearly as powerful as herbal medicine especially in male fertility cases.

How often do I need to come back?
For the herbal programme, as the treatment is prescribed on a monthly basis. you are required to come back once a month. Our clinic is usually very busy. We would appreciate patients contacting us two weeks after your last appointment to ensure we are able to fit you in.

For acupuncture, you need to come once a week.

Are the herbs easy to take?
The herbs can be difficult to take initially as most of them are tree bark, roots and so on. Most patients get used to it after a while.

How safe is the treatment?
We only use herbs approved by Medicine Control Agency. They should be very safe.

Acupuncture is generally considered to be a safe treatment with few side effects. Needless to say, our clinician is extremely well qualified and experienced in using herbs and acupuncture.

Can the treatment be comined with IUI or ICSI?
Acupuncture can easily be combined with ICSI as no medication is involved.

We now work with a natural IUI clinic in the Harley Street area to offer IUI. For more information, please call our office.

If my sperm test is normal, does it mean I can father a child?
A normal semen analysis is a good start. However, the test only test all basic parameters. Its result should be taken into account within the context of a bigger picture which at the very least should include tests results on the female side. When both set of tests are found to be normal but couples have been trying for some years to no avail, a diagnosis of unexplained infertility is usually given. When that happens, men should consider further tests such as DNA Fragmentation or Oxidative Stress Test. We know that up to 25% of unexplained infertility in men is caused by DNA damage in sperm. We also know that up to 25% infertility issues in men is a result of oxidative stress in sperm. There is scientific evidence to show that Chinese herbs are effective in treating oxidative stress in sperm. We are involved in a research project where treatment for oxidative stress is given in conjunction with a western medical lab. and clinic. Call us to find out more.

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