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We are both feeling really positive.... Mark's sperm count has increased 4 fold since visiting TCM Male Fertility Clinic. We visited an ivf clinic and are going ahead with icsi within the next couple of months. I'm in perfect health to get pregnant and the doctor feels really confident it will work..,. Fingers crossed!!
Julia Green from London whose husband Mark had poor sperm quality. He attended TCM Fertility Clinic for a few months starting with exceptionally low sperm count (0.01 million/ml), 0% motility and 0% morphology. He now has good enough sperm to go for ICSI in 2 months' time. She sent us this e mail last week

You asked me to call you. The good news is that the herbs seem to work. My wife is now pregnant. It is early days but I am very pleased with the result TCM Male Fertility Clinic has brought about.
Peter Cole from London had poor sperm quality. He attended TCM Fertility Clinic twice and sent us the e mail above.

May I say a big thank you to all TCM Male Fertility Clnic staff. I came in September 2010 and my wife is now pregnant. Hasn't sunk in yet but it is great news.
Mr. Loveday from Leicester had 80% abnormal form and low sperm count. He came late September and his wife is now pregnant

I can't say how much I appreciate your help. I wasn't expcting this. I came only once and my wife is pregnant.
Mr. Hogan from Buckinghamshire came in August with very low normal form i.e. 2% and 10 million/ml sperm count (normal being about 20 million). His wife is now pregnant.

I have had six consutlations with the Professor and have taken herbs for 6 months. My sperm count has increased ten times. There is also impovement on my sperm motility. I have now asked my brother in law to come to see Prof. Li too. Credits to TCM Male Fertility Clinic
Mr. Ngogh originally from Africa now living in London

After coming to your clinic for three months, my sperm count has increased 5 fold, motility has gone from 33% to 50%. Thank you to TCM Male Fertility Clinic.
David from London

I have attended your clinic for 3 months since June. I have my sperm test again in october. Compared to the one I did when I started, my sperm count has increased from below 0.5 to over 2, my sperm motility was zero and now more than a third of them are motile and morphology has gone from undetermined to a third of them being classified as good form. I am very pleased with the result.
Mr. Jones from Wales

I cannot believe the anti-bodies in my sperm have all disappaeared. Many thanks for your help
Stephen from London attended TCM Male Fertility Clinic for 3 months before going for a semen test. He was discharged in July 2008

All names and sometimes location have been changed to maintain anonymity

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