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What do we offer ?

At the Male Fertility Clinic in Harley Street, we specialise in treating all major male fertility issues i.e. low sperm count, low sperm mobility, low sperm morphology, low libido and impotence. In addition, we also have an excellent track record in treating high anti-sperm anti-bodies found in sperm with an over 90% success rate. Overall, our success rate treating male infertility regardless of underlying course is over 80%.

Please note that the fees of our tests include telephone call to explain the results in some details. There are no hidden charges.

We can usually fix up next day appointment for you. Sperm test result will be made available in two days. Other test results will be available between 2 to 4 days.

Sperm Test (Semen Analysis) - All inclusive fee £155

We offer semen analysis for patients. Sperm test can be hard to obtained and cumbersome when going through your GPs. We offer a 3 days turn round (The test can be done and result obtained within 3 days) on semen analysis that guarantee a fast, efficient and independent service. The test is one of the most comprehensive available which covers all major parameters recommended by the World Health Organisation and beyond. All tests are carried out independently which ensures that the results are accurate and objective. We routinely ask our patients to obtain sperm test results again during the course of treatment so that patients can see the progress made by receiving our treatment.

Low libido in men and/or impotence

Low libido and impotence are other obvious issues in male fertility. We offer tests to first establish the reasons behind low libido or impotence. The test results combined with TCM diagnosis will inform the diagnosis and prognosis of treatment.

Other tests that may be useful

In addition, we offer a range of slightly more advanced tests that may impact on male fertility. These include: Erectile dysfunction, Genetic reproductive profile, DNA fragmentation and Retrograde ejaculation, Oxidative Stress Test for sperm

Diagonsis: TCM methods combined with western medical testings

This is the most important part of our work in some ways. We actively encourage prospective clients to take western medical tests that are deem to be relevant in the first instance. In addition, our consultant use a range of methods such as questionnaire, feeling the pulse and detailed questioning in clinical interview through which our specialist will identify a dominating syndrome that may be the underlying cause for infertility. The common syndromes seen in male infertility includes:- Kidney deficiency, Qi and blood stagnation, and Damp Heat. It is important to note that TCM belives that our health condition is in a state of flux and is constantly changing. We are therefore talking about an analogue rather than a digital system which needs constant modifying and improving in order to bring our organ systems up to optimal health.

Treatment for Male Infertility: low sperm count, other sperm issues, low libido (sex drive) and impotence

We offer two main treatment modalities and a combined treament programme as follows:-

1. Herbal Programme

The herbal programme consists monthly visits to the clinic to ensure accurate and up to date diagnosis. This will enable a tailored made herbal formula to be prescribed according to the current health status. Herbs are usually prescribed for 12 to 18 days in a month. Subsequent visits should show improvements which mean that the herbal formula will need to be modified accordingly to acheive maximal impact.

2. Acupuncture Programme

As acupuncture contains no medication, clients are required to attend the clinic once a week to maximise the benefits of treatment.

3. Herbal and acupuncture programme

A combined programme is sometimes called for where herbs are prescribed and acupuncture is adminstered. This however is rare and tends to be used in special circumstances.


At the Male Fertility Clinic in Harley street, the treatment programme usually last for six months where significant improvements have been found in over 80% of all cases.

**STOP PRESS** - A brand new service

4. Combining herbal treatment for Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

It is well known that Chinese herbal medicine improves ovulation and possibly improve egg quality too. We work with a natural IUI clinic in the Harley Street area using the best Chinese and western medical techniques to help couples conceive. No synthetic hormones are used. For a fast and efficient service, call us now to find out more.

** We also offer tests and treatment for female patients. For more information, go to link page and click on TCM Fertility Clinic.

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