TCM Male Fertility Clinic Harley Street, Central London


Offering a fast and efficient service to test and treat major issues in male infertility. The major tests we offer include:

* Comprehensive Sperm Test (Semen Analysis) £155 - all inclusive fee, no hidden charges
* Impotence Profile - Fee on request
* Erectile dysfunction Profile - Fee on request
* Male infertility (hormone) Profile - Fee on request
* Oxidative Stress test for sperm - Fee on frequest

The fees four semen analysis is £155. Fees for all other tests can be forwarded on request. Our tests include explaining the results in some details explained over the phone. There are no hidden charges.

Tests are by appointment and we can usually fix up next day appointment for you.

Treatment for male fertility issues which often involves improving sperm count, motility and morphology is through either a herbal programme, acupuncture programme or a combined programme.

We also offer combined treatment with IUI programme working closely with an natural IUI clinic in the Harley Street area

Male fertility Clinic, Harley Street, Central London is part of TCM Fertility Clinic, TCM HealthCare. The clinic was launched in early 2000 following an interview by the Daily Telegraph detailing the work TCM HealthCare on fertility in collaboration with a GP. The Clinic has been based in Harley Street in Central London since the fall of 2000.

Men who has fertility problems usually find their sperm tests' outomes (semen analysis) showing low scores in sperm count, sperm mobility, sperm morphology. In addition or separately, the causes for infertility may also include:- impotence, erectile dysfunction or low libido.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), male infertility is classified differently. Syndromes are identified and the most common ones are:-

  • Kidney deficiency
  • Qi (energy) stagnation or blood stagnation
  • Damp heat

    It is noteworthy that these syndromes may also manifest themselves in conjunction with each other rather than in isolation. An accurate identification of syndromes is essential as treatment and prognosis flow from the diagnosis.

    At the Male Fertility Clinic in Harley Street, Central London, we have had an excellent track record.

  • 80% succcess track record since inception in 2000 (some of these are highlighted in the patients' testimony page).

  • Experience of significantly improving sperm count, sperm motility, sometimes from nothing to 35% motility and sperm morphology, from 'unable to determine' to 33% normal form. We have an excellent track record i.e. an over 90% success rate for treating anti-sperm anti-bodies. We also have a good track record in treating low libido, impotence and erectile dysfunction.


    * Sperm Test (Semen Analysis) - £155
    * Impotence Profile - Fee on request
    * Erectile Dysfunction Profile - Fee on request
    * Male infertility (hormone) Profile - Fee on request

    The fees of our tests include telephone call to explain the results over the phone. There are no hidden charges.

    At the TCM Male Fertility Clinic in Harley Street, we offer tests that will determine major causes for infertility in men for a modest fee. The service is efficient and fast. For sperm tests, we can turn round the result in 2 days. For other tests, the turn round time will be about 3/4 days.

    All patients accepted have had a recent sperm test performed with written test results. If they have strong reasons to believe they also suffer from impotence, low sex drive or erectile dysfunction, profile tests for these conditions will also be recommended. Once into the treatment programme, they will be asked to have the test done again after three months of treatment. A overwhelming majority see significant improvement and carry on with another three months to finish the six months' treatment programme.

    We also offer tests and treatment for female patients at our Harley Street clinic. For more information, go to link page and click on TCM Fertility Clinic.


    Professor Shun Au OBE - Founder of TCM HealthCare

    Shun Au is a graduate of Cambridge University. He was a senior manager at the NHS until 1998 prior to setting up Male Fertility Clinic in Harley Street in 2000. He has conducted research in complementary medicine on behalf of Department of Health in England and Wales.

    Between 2002 - 2011, he has been a board member of NHS Trusts in North West London for 9 years.

    He was appointed Visiting Professor at Nong Bo Medical School, Ning Bo, China in December 2013

    Shun Au was appointed OBE in the Queen's 80th Birthday Honours' list for his longstanding charity work in the Chinese community in 2006.

    Shun Au was invited to be a speaker in:-

    Auckland, New Zealand - November 2004 (key note speaker)
    University of Auckland

    Cairo, Egypt - September 2005
    World Psychiatric Association Conference

    Shanghai, China - November 2005
    Pan Asian Mental Health Conference.

    Cambridge, England - December 2005
    International conference in psychiatry
    Churchill College, Cambridge University

    Beijing, China - September 2006
    International Congress in Cultural Psychiatry

    Belgium - October 2006
    Annual conference, GAMIAN Europe

    China - July 2009
    National Conference in Child psychiatry

    China - November 2013
    Ning Bo University Medical School, Ning Bo

    Professor Li - Specialist at Male Fertility Clinic, Harley Street, London

    Professor Li has a longstanding interest in fertility and has been a clinician at the Male Fertility Clinic since its inception in 2000.

    Updated 12/8/2016

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